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Cameras to detect drunken behaviour

West Japan Railway has installed cameras that can automatically identify drunken behaviour and alert platform staff, in an attempt to reduce the number of accidents at stations.

So far 46 cameras have been implemented on the Osaka Loop Line platforms of Koybashi station in Osaka. JR West is considering extending the technology to other stations.

Banning Cars to Promote Green Energy

The initiative is part of the European Mobility Week, a project from the European Commission that seeks to promote sustainable transport. More than 200 cities will participate this year, touting various green initiatives. Among those, three national capitals—Budapest, Lisbon, and Stockholm—will experiment with a car-free day.

Praha plans driverless metro line

Praha city council has announced plans to build the future metro Line D for operation with three-car driverless trainsets.

Construction of the first section between Pankrác and Depo Písnice is envisaged to begin in 2018, with opening planned for 2022-23.

Škoda Electric presents new tramway for China

Škoda Electric has presented its new 100% low-floor five-segment tramway which could be operated on tramlines in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The new tramcar raised great interest at the fair and was assembled in a plant of the Chinese company, Beijing Subway Rolling Stock Equipment Co. Ltd. (BSR) in Beijing, which also unveiled the vehicle officially.

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