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Pro rail Alliance has been a full partner in the EU project ACROSSEE. The project is financed from the fund of South-East Europe (SEE).


About ACROSSEE project:

  • ACROSSEE is a project financed by the fund SEE European Union and brings together a total of 28 partners from 13 countries of Central and Southeast Europe
  • The project aims to create guidelines to facilitate and accelerate the flow of goods by rail and to extend the TEN-T network corridor towards Southeast Europe. The project was approved for funding in September 2012.
  • The project started in October 2012.  with a total duration of 24 months
  • Pro rail Alliance has been a full partner of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure – so called 10% partner in the project

ACROSSEE aims to detect the so-called “bottlenecks” in international rail transit of goods in central and southeastern Europe, and to give clear guidelines to facilitate and speed up the traffic. A series of actions that will this project propose should allow the reduction of waiting at the border and streamline documentation. It should also propose additional rail lines in southeast of Europe and connect them to the TEN-T network of European transport corridors.

The project involves a total of 28 partners from 13 countries (8 from the EU). It is a fairly large and complex project with a total budget of up to 3.1 million euros, which will last a total of 24 months. The project leader will be CEI (Central European Initiative), an international association that brings together the countries of Central Europe to promote the economic, cultural, political and scientific cooperation between the member countries. In September 2012. project was approved for funding.

Pro rail Alliance has been a full partner in the project ACROSSEE with a total budget of 30 thousand euros. The Ministry of Transport and Communications is so called 10% partner in the project. This means that the MPPI participates in the project without a specific project tasks, but will participate in meetings and conferences. The so-called 10% partners in the project have its own budget, and the budget for the costs of their travel and accommodation are taken over and payed by a full partner in the project. Except contribution in creating documents and reports in the project, for the Croatian partners this is an opportunity to consolidate the experience and knowledge from EU projects, and opportunity to gain new partnerships with many companies and institutions in the region.

More about the project:

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