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Another successful story behind Croatian company Altpro, one of the members of Pro rail Alliance, thanks to its product – RLC23. RLC23 is technologically advanced protection system for level crossings and it was recently implemented on a local railway in Austria. New release of the magazine SIGNAL + DRAHT wrote about it in more detail.

Altpro is expanding its number of products and successfully exporting it all over the world. They are also developing new solutions and currently opening new production facility. About one of their small, but successful investment is written in new release of the expert railway infrastructure magazine SIGNAL + DRAHT (Rail Signaling + Telecommunication) with detailed description of the functioning of entire protection system with many pictures and drafts.

The article is entitled “Protection of the level crossings on local railways in Austria” and it describes how ALTPRO’s RLC23 protection device served as a technically advanced yet cost-effective solution for the complex level-crossing situations on the Zillertal Railway. Zillertalbahn is a local railway (gauge: 760mm) located between the municipalities of Jenbach and Mayrhofen, near the Ziller River in the Tyrol area.

There are few missing links at Zillertal line, for example the stations have no interlocking equipment, and there are no home/exit signals in stations, distance between level crossings (LX) are small, etc. Cheaper solutions were sought due to the limited financial resources. This is where RLC23 came in as an ideal solution since it is cost-effective and yet convenient system. With this system one device can be used for two or more close level crossings at once instead each device for each LX. This reduced number of required track equipment elements as well as the infrastructure costs.

Although the circumstances on small local railways are different from the big railway companies, especially regarding the signalling safety systems, including LX demands for level crossing safety are always at the highest level. It is also described in the article how the usage of ALTPRO’s RLC23 systems at Austrian level crossings after few years has shown high degree of maturity and flexibility with justified investment in the solutions it provides. Its implementation is simple, mainly due to the ease of the configuration and flexible interfacing to the interlocking or local train control system. RLC23 is designed and certified to meet the requirements of the highest safety standards and has a certificate issued by TUV Rheinland.

There are currently few level crossings in Austria equipped with RLC23 SIL4 protection system which are used together with train`s driver signals and an interface to the computer-based train control system.

Read more about this in the article which is available on the following link: članak_RLC23_Signal Draht 52017

Author: Božo Cicvarić

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